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General Permit to Construct a Public Water System (PWS) Distribution System

Environmental Health

The Federal and State Safe Drinking Water Acts require public drinking water infrastructure construction permitting to ensure compliance with water quality standards.  Public drinking water main distribution system construction projects complying with all conditions specified in Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.) 62-555.405, may use the "Notice of Intent to Use the General Permit for Construction of Water Main Extensions for PWSs"  DEP Form 62-555.900(7).  This application form must also be used for projects with service connections to multiple buildings on a commercial property.  The Florida Department of Health in Hillsborough County (FDOH-Hillsborough) will evaluate the permit in accordance with 62-555.530(2) within 30 days. 

Commercial single-service connections

A single, 2" or greater, service connection from an existing water main located in the public right-of-way to a lateral connecting a single commercial water meter and building requires a general permit through the FDOH-Hillsborough.  

To apply, complete the FDOH-Hillsborough commercial single-service general permit application form "Notice Of Intent To Use the General Permit For Construction Of Water Main Extensions For PWSs (Water Line Service to a Single Building Only)". 

** Note **  In all other cases, a Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) general permit applies, e.g., where water main construction extends down a right-of-way, multiple buildings, meters, or service may connect future additional on-site connections.  Also, fire hydrant laterals do not require a Safe Drinking Water Act permit; however, if the line to the hydrant extends past the main where future connections may occur, a DEP general permit is required.

For all permit types: include a utility drawing showing chlorine injection and sample points and a details sheet.  Permittee should review the instructions for clearance before applying for a permit.

General permits are issued on the assumption that little to no modifications or deviations of the described project will occur; therefore, general permits may only be modified to the extent allowed in 62-555.536.  A specific permit application is recommended if it is determined in the preliminary design phase of a project that modifications outside the allowances of 62-555.536 may occur.  In the event modifications to the design of a project under a general permit must be performed beyond the allowances in 62-555.536, the permit must be withdrawn and a new general permit application submitted.

Fees and Payments

Permit fees vary depending on the type of project:

  • DEP General Permit to Construct Water Distribution Systems: $860

  • FDOH General Permit to Construct Single-Service Connections: $670

Payment must be submitted upon application, payable to "Florida Department of Health in Hillsborough County".  Payment maybe made by credit card by submitting this form with your application.

To streamline the permitting process, engineers are encouraged to use the general permit checklist.


Upon completion of construction, components must be cleared by the FDOH-Hillsborough before being placed into operation.  Forms and additional information may be found on our Certificate of Construction Completion and Clearance page

All drinking water construction permits issued by the Department will include General & Specific Conditions, and Clearance Requirements.

This article is provided to help facilitate the permitting process, and is not intended to be all inclusive.  It is the engineer of record's responsibility to include all applicable information necessary to satisfy the permitting requirements.

For additional information, contact the FDOH-Hillsborough permitting at: (813) 307-8059.