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Certificate of Construction Completion and Clearance

Environmental Health

Upon completion of public water treatment and distribution system projects, clearance must be obtained from the Florida Department of Health in Hillsborough County before water system components may be placed into operation (Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.) 62-555.345).

A civil penalty may be incurred if a project is placed into operation before obtaining a clearance from the Florida Department of Health.

1.  Clearance Form

FDOH single-service connection permits: submission of a complete and fully executed Department of Health Form "Certification of Construction Completion and Request for Clearance to Place Permitted PWS Components into Operation (Water Line Service to a Single Building Only)"


DEP permits: submission of a complete and fully executed Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Form 62-555.900(9) "Certification of Construction Completion and Request for Clearance to Place Permitted PWS Components into Operation"

2.  Record drawings

Submit record drawing of utility plan and clearly show chlorine injection point(s) and bacteriological sample location(s).  Show all deviations from said permit.

3.  Pressure Test

A copy of a satisfactory hydrostatic pressure test of the new water lines preformed in accordance with AWWA C600 Standards.  Pursuant to AWWA Standards, pressure test(s) must precede bacteriological/chlorine sample(s).  Report must include: test date, location of test traceable to record drawing, allowed leakage calculations for pipe material, and actual leakage (pressure loss).

4.  Bacteriological Report

Copies of satisfactory bacteriological analyses (a.k.a. Main Clearance), of water taken within sixty (60) days of completion of construction, from locations within the distribution system or water main extension to be cleared, in accordance with Rules 62-555.315(6), 62-555.340, 62-555.330, F.A.C. and American Water Works Association (AWWA) Standard C 651-92, as follows:

  • Connection to an existing system
  • The end point of the proposed addition
  • Any water lines branching off a main extension
  • Every 1,200 feet on straight runs of pipe

Each location shall be sampled on two consecutive days at least six hours apart, with sample points and chlorine residual readings clearly indicated on the report, i.e., sample locations must be traceable back to record drawing.  PURSUANT TO AWWA STANDARD C600, CHLORINE RESIDUAL MUST BE RECORDED ON THE LAB SHEET FOR EACH WATER SAMPLE AT THE TIME OF BACTERIOLOGICAL SAMPLING, OR THE ANALYSIS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTABLE FOR USE IN CLEARANCE OF THE SYSTEM. Determine whether the water system disinfects with free chlorine or chloramines. If the water system disinfects with free chorine, free chlorine concentration must be within 0.2 to 4.0 mg/L. If the water system disinfects with chloramines, total chlorine must be within 0.6 to 4.0 mg/L.  If any sample contains more than 4.0 mg/L, or below the required minimum concentration, the sample shall be considered invalid.  A sample will also be considered invalid if it shows the presence of total coliform, and the main must be re-disinfected and re-sampled until two consecutive samples at each sampling location show the absence of total coliform.  Please note the certification must be provided by the professional engineer licensed in the State of Florida who was in responsible charge of inspecting the project.  This certification must be based upon the on-site observations of the construction made by that engineer or a representative under their direct supervisor and upon the review of shop drawings, test records or results, and record drawings either made by the professional engineer or a representative under their direct supervision.

Engineers are encouraged to use the reviewers checklist while completing the clearance process.

All drinking water construction permits issued by the Department will contain General & Specific Conditions, and Clearance Requirements.

For additional information, contact HCHD permitting at: (813) 307-8059.