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Swimming Pools

Environmental Health

The Environmental Health division of the Hillsborough County Health Department ensures the safety and sanitary requirements are met in public swimming pools, spa, wading pools, interactive water features, and special purpose pools. To achieve such a goal, routine inspections of public swimming pools are conducted to ensure compliance with regulations and standards. Inspections are conducted twice a year for most facilities, and a year for some facilities. Compliance in accordance with Chapter 64E-9, Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C), Chapter 514 Florida Statues (F.S) and Section 454 Florida Building Code (FBC) is required for anyone intending to operate all the facilities mentioned above. 

An operating permit is required to operate any of the facilities mentioned above. Plan approval by the health department and the local jurisdictional building department is required prior to obtention of the permit. The operating is valid for one year. The permit year starts on July 1 and ends on June 30. The   renewal fee can be paid by mail, online, or by phone with a credit card. Failure to renew the permit in time will cause the assessment of a late fee of $50.00. Any useful form is found in the resources link below. 

The Environmental health division of the Hillsborough County Health Department does not regulate private swimming pools. For information about private swimming regulation and complaints please contact Code Enforcement.

FDOH Resources:

Florida Administrative Code

Application for Swimming Pool Operating Permit

Application for Swimming Pool Instructions

Operating Permit Renewal (Online)

Pool Owner/Operator Verification of Entrapment Safety Features

Resurfacing Notification Form

Additional Resources:

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