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Health Equity Report for Hillsborough County Released

By Kevin Watler, Public Information Officer

August 13, 2021

The Florida Department of Health in Hillsborough County (DOH–Hillsborough) has released its Health Equity Profile for 2021.
“We must continue to address the barriers to good health that affect some communities more than others,” said Dr. Leslene Gordon, Community Health Director. Dr. Gordon pointed to the compounding impact of COVID-19 over this last year. “Across the country there are disparities in COVID-19, as Black residents and other residents of color experience cases and deaths at a higher rate than White residents. Health disparities are not new, the COVID-19 pandemic has made the ongoing problem of health inequities more visible.”
The Health Equity Profile for 2021 highlights avoidable differences in life conditions that impact health outcomes among residents of Hillsborough County. These differences in health outcomes are inequities that persist particularly among residents experiencing lower income, residents of color, and people whose first language is not English. These differences are significantly influenced by the systems, policies, and community characteristics that affect access to healthy food, availability of affordable and convenient transportation, housing, sense of community safety, and economic and educational opportunities.

The report highlights some local inequities in neighborhoods, transportation, income, education, health care access and health outcomes. For example, in Hillsborough County, 13.5% of Black residents and 19.1% of Hispanic residents are uninsured, compared to 9% of White Non-Hispanic residents. Another example of an inequity is the number of women who experience complications during pregnancy or delivery. In 2019, Black women were almost twice as likely than White women to experience these complications, which can lead to negative outcomes for the woman and the infant.


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